Product Description


It is the first large vintage tractor from WIKING in 1:32! With the IHC 1455 XL, the standard tractor with all-wheel drive that was once built in Neuss is miniaturized. This type is the largest tractor built by International Harvester at the time. It was IHC’s answer to the changed requirements in German agriculture that asked for more horsepower and thus larger and more powerful tractors. The last IHC 1455XL was built on December 20, 1996. This made it the last tractor in the world that was designed by International Harvester and built eleven years after the merger with Case. While the IHC now presented has the classic grid radiator grille, the case version of the last prototype years has a flat front with more dominant headlights. This guarantees attractive teams from the 1980s to 2000s, especially since the 1455 XL is still in use on many farms. Many farmers cannot leave the classic that has accompanied them so reliably over the decades.

AGE 14 YRS +