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BRUDER Scania Super 560R UPS logistics truck with truck-mounted forklift


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BRUDER Scania Super 560R UPS logistics truck with truck-mounted forklift

Item description

Comfortable and robust, BRUDER presents the Scania Super R series in its range. The R series is characterized by its unique combination of comfort and durability. This means she can cope with all situations that arise. Children can experience exactly these different situations realistically with the new models from BRUDER.

BRUDER now offers a version with three axles, a container swap body and a truck-mounted forklift. The container body of the tractor can be dismantled into all individual parts and has wing doors at the rear. Another outstanding play option for this vehicle is the swap body, which automatically detaches from the vehicle by pulling out and setting up its support feet and raises the container, allowing the truck to then drive out from under the swap body. The new cab shows Scania’s typical, dynamic design of the new R-series. Folding exterior mirrors and glazing made of high-quality polycarbonate are of course available, as are opening doors or an additional option for a light and sound module.




  • Cabin windows made of transparent and shatterproof plastic
  • folding exterior mirrors
  • Doors to open

Vehicle structure

  • fold-out support feet
  • Wing doors at the rear can be opened
  • container that can be dismantled into all its individual parts

landing gear

  • tread tires
  • additional

    • Steerable truck-mounted forklift with 2-part lifting mast, rope deflection, tilting function, adjustable fork width and tread tires


    • Age recommendation: suitable for indoor and outdoor play from 4 years
    • Compatible with figure
    • Scale 1:16