Product Description


A film full of surprises as Tractor Ted takes us to meet the more unusual animals now being farmed in the UK. Amongst them the beautiful buffalo with their huge horns, big wet noses and soft ears. We are shown their noisey calves and watch them being fed. Then we see how the buffalos are milked and the milk made into delicious Mozarella Cheese on the Laverstoke Farm in Berkshire, owned by Formula 1 ace, Jody Schekter. There we also visit the wild boar and see their delightful stipey piglets and the huge flock of free range chickens. Then Tractor Ted moves on to meet alpacas, farmed for their highly prized wool and explains how they also make excellent guard dogs. The farms we see use some exciting machinery including the telehandler with its big prongs to lift pallets that is being fitted with a new set of tyres. There is also a combine harvester to see that runs into a spot of bother! Tractor Ted interacts with the children throughout the film, encouraging them to listen, count, read and sing along to the nursery rhyme style songs such as the Ted Chart-topper, ‘Buffalo!’. As always Tractor Ted entertains everyone, especially when he catches Fudge the Dog getting up to mischief with Les the Tractor Driver.