Product Description


Watch the heavy diggers load up lots of different stones onto pallets in the quarry, and see how tricky it can be as the driver changes buckets and swivels around in his chair to change direction. Watching the action from the drivers cab makes children feel like they are right there with him and almost in control as he carries on his work reversing and manoeuvring the digger to carefully load up and put the stone in the right place.

It’s then on to an even bigger digger, a huge excavator whose job it is to clear the banks of the river. Get to watch its enormous arms reach across the bank and scoop up lots of wet, slushy mud! Dumpers with cool caterpillar tracks come to help, expertly driven down steep, slippery slopes but with no steering wheel! Learn the digger’s secrets and their magic trick of swivelling around without moving the tracks.

Approximate Running Time: 40 minutes (plus 5 minutes of extra clips)