Product Description


New Grassmen Rain and Grain DVD. The Grassmen had a goal of raising £200,00 for their chosen charity over the course of 2 years and knew they had to pull out all the stops.

Following the success of their charity Make-A-Wish raffle of the 110-90, they made the decision to follow in it’s footstopers with their infamous TW-35. The 32 County Bale Challenge would be the first proper test for it. The Grassmen are to travel the 32 Irish counties in one week and bale 100 bales in each county and donate the money to charity. The final figure they raised is simply amazing.

The Grassmen felt that the TW was designed for work in an arable environment, so they crossed the Irish sea in the hope to leave the rain behind; in search of grain and went all the way to Oxford. Back home in rainy Northern Ireland they decided to take a look at what has changed in 30 years of chopping grass. The Grassmen have borrowed a few old school machines and put them to work alongside the latest and greatest machinery.